The Automotive Landscape

Automakers face an existential challenge to modernize their vehicles and processes to meet changing customer requirements and increasing competition driven by technological advances.

Being able to manufacture, sell and support millions of vehicles globally is no longer enough to ensure success. Consumers increasingly value convenience, safety, ecology, and digital lifestyle integration over traditional car characteristics like acceleration, handling, and style. Businesses need vehicles to integrate into their operational processes and systems to drive efficiencies and cost savings. And new competitors have emerged to meet these evolving demands using digital technologies in the vehicle and in the cloud. Automobiles and automakers need to evolve quickly to meet these changing requirements. Sonatus can help.

Our Mission

Sonatus was established to help automakers digitally transform. We leverage our extensive experience and expertise, and develop new approaches to solve complex automotive challenges.

Our Products

Our in-vehicle platform enables the transition from legacy to modern networks, secures vehicle-to-external connectivity, and collects data critical to making business decisions and providing customer services.

Our cloud platform processes and stores vehicle and driver data — providing valuable information to back-end analytics, business applications, and customer-facing services.

We’re changing how cars are built!

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